Mother’s Words

You make me feel... Before you, when I am not with you, I stand tall like the woman I am- Head up Eyes looking into the eyes of men with no fear Chin titled towards the sky, allowing the sunlight to bathe me and cover me as to let the world know that I am … Continue reading Mother’s Words



Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've been back and for that I apologize. School has really taken up much of my time, but I'm back...for the summer at least. For those who don't know my blog is and has been anonymous to world, including those closest to me. It wasn't until recently … Continue reading Hiatus

Thick Skin

The racial words and slurs don't even phase Familiar to ears But they still drive me crazy Daddy sits you on his knee Mama does your hair They both say dont you dare think the world is this amazing place Grow up Stand tall Put your armor on Grow thick skin Hard and strong To … Continue reading Thick Skin