Month: March 2016

When MY Voice was Abducted

When MY Voice was Abducted

( I started this post 3 months ago, and am now just finishing it) When I was looking for words to title this article it was difficult. I'll lead you on a search for a minute. The word I chose at the end was abduct, which is defined as: to carry off or lead away (a person) illegally and in secret or by force,especially to kidnap. Before carefully choosing the word abduct I looked at the … Continue reading When MY Voice was Abducted



Adulting: (which keeps autocorrecting to "adulating" and I don't know what that word even means", which proves that this word is totally made up) Adulting: what teenagers and "adults" in their early 20s describe as acting and doing      things like adults do. It is used as a verb. Why do I bring this … Continue reading Adulting