Interracial Love

Below is a post that I believe needs to be shared. Enjoy!So I usually don’t post long posts or stories, but I feel very compelled to share this experience with all of you. Today my boyfriend and I were exploring Brooklyn. We stopped at a Duane Reade to get water. While checking out the cashier, who was a black woman, pointed at us while saying, “I love seeing this”. As she said it I realized that she was talking about our interracial relationship. I said, “Oh!”, very shockingly, laughed, and said thank you. She then encouraged us to keep it up and we went about our way. In this particular story, her race matters. In the black community there is not always a support for those who date outside of the black race. It is usually because it’s seen as undermining your own race, when in all actuality it has nothing to do with that at all. This is a memory that I will carry with me forever. Why? Because I am very conscious and aware of the thoughts and feelings of others. I am very aware of the climate I live in; I have no choice, but to be. More often than not, if I get a look from others while in public with my current boyfriend (or past boyfriends), it’s one of disgust or disapproval. I am not ignorant to the thought that some still think that I’m not “allowed” or “supposed” to be with my boyfriend. I am not ignorant to the fact that it’s a law that allows me the freedom to love and marry whomever I choose despite others beliefs and/or the color of my skin and that of my future spouse. Of all my years of dating in interracial relationships, about 6 years to be exact, this was the first time I’ve received verbal approval, support, and encouragement from a random stranger. Thank you to all those who have and will have an open mind towards love. I’m not dating my boyfriend to make a statement, I’m dating him because I love him, but I wouldn’t be doing those justice if I didn’t say I know that dating him makes a statement. I hope the statement is this: Love is completely colorblind, it’s people that misinterpret it and turn into something completely different that they think or want to call love, but that’s not love, merely a manifestation of disguised love. Thanks for reading. ^This is my experience and my story.


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