If Time Could Stand Still

I wish I patiently waited for you I wish I could be patient But now you're here You came into my life so seamlessly And naturally Meant to be, like peanut and jelly Like hot chocolate and whip cream We danced to the same rhythm and to the same beat But now I have you … Continue reading If Time Could Stand Still


Tidal Waves

The seconds are growing into moments No longer are they as quick as a blink The gap between moments is becoming shorter They come as the tide Warming my feet That warmth being the warmth of my heart The waves rush in like feelings often do But the love The love is beginning to stay … Continue reading Tidal Waves

Mother’s Words

You make me feel… Before you, when I am not with I stand tall like the woman I am- Head up Eyes looking into the eyes of men with no fear Chin titled towards the sky, allowing the sunlight to… Source: Mother's Words

The EXes: Part 1- Letting go

So as some of you know or last read I WAS dating a Puerto-Rican black guy. Yes I used the word was, because we aren't dating anymore. We'll get to that in Part 2. (*Don't skip ahead though- be patient*) For those of you who don't know or remember I was dating a white guy. I … Continue reading The EXes: Part 1- Letting go