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Interracial Love

Below is a post that I believe needs to be shared. Enjoy!So I usually don’t post long posts or stories, but I feel very compelled to share this experience with all of you. Today my boyfriend and I were exploring Brooklyn. We stopped at a Duane Reade to get water. While checking out the cashier, … Continue reading Interracial Love


Mother’s Words

You make me feel... Before you, when I am not with you, I stand tall like the woman I am- Head up Eyes looking into the eyes of men with no fear Chin titled towards the sky, allowing the sunlight to bathe me and cover me as to let the world know that I am … Continue reading Mother’s Words

The EXes: Part 1- Letting go

So as some of you know or last read I WAS dating a Puerto-Rican black guy. Yes I used the word was, because we aren't dating anymore. We'll get to that in Part 2. (*Don't skip ahead though- be patient*) For those of you who don't know or remember I was dating a white guy. I … Continue reading The EXes: Part 1- Letting go

First Things First

First Things First

Let's set the scene here: Who am I: I am not a professional writer, so excuse my grammar please. With that said as a blogger (I guess I can call myself that now) I am going to be as real and honest as I am comfortable being. (By the way, anything in parenthesis' is my … Continue reading First Things First